Position requirements:

 Able to independently preside over design work presentation and coordinate works by all consultants, as required by the project.

Able to track and manage the project according to the project plan, assuring that  the project will be completed in the right sequence, with satisfying quality and in a timely manner, and make necessary plans and decisions upon encountering risks that occurs as the project progress.

Attend meetings between the client and the management.  Responsible for making adjustments after the completion of construction to assure final effect, evaluating  project’s aesthetics and economy of the design proposal, and solving problems arising out of construction effectively.

Assist in the company’s internal training.

Complete other tasks assigned by the company.


 Undergraduate degree or above with more than seven years of interior design related work experience.

Aware of international and local design trends, knowledgeable of strategic objectives of world-class design companies, keeping track of fashionable trends in design and incorporate elements into projects in appropriate opportunities.

Has solid foundation of professional skills, extremely familiar with treatment on details, joineries and edgings.  Able to independently complete, examine and review high-quality design concepts.

Able to read and comprehend drawings and relevant design materials written in English.  Able to communicate with foreign designers on design related issues via email in general.

Good in verbal and written language expression and in organizing and managing.  Undaunted by difficulties and pressure.



Position requirements:

Setup personal work schedules according to project schedule and project task allocation.

Assist project designer in collecting materials and data for the project, complete  conceptual scheme, floor plan, design development, construction drawing and specifications.  Also responsible for the fabrication and packaging of the presentation and material boards.

Assist project designer in working drawings review, site visits, as well as sorting and archiving project materials and documents upon completion.

Complete various design tasks in strict accordance with scheduled completion dates as well as other tasks assigned by the company or the project designer.


College certificate or above with more than three years of experience in interior design or relevant works.

Possess good comprehension ability, good sense of aesthetic, enthusiastic about career.  Honest, precise, fast learner, willingness to accept new concepts and challenges, able to handle pressure, creative and exploring.



Position requirements:

Responsible for setting up project schedules and project task assignments.

Responsible for space planning, conceptual design, and leading project members in completing CAD drawings.

Responsible for the project’s color schemes, main material selections, CAD drawing reviews and approval, rendering follow through, keeping track of the progress, construction quality control and etc.

Responsible for management and archiving of design related documentation.  Summarize project investigative reports and information overview.

Complete other tasks assigned by senior project designer.


Undergraduate degree or above with more than five years of interior design related work experience.

Able to independently complete well designed project, effectively produce good design, has unique artistic understanding and able to produce creative design concepts.

3. Possess abundant knowledge in construction, structure, electric, heating, ventilation and fire safety.  Very familiar with up-to-date and current materials, construction methods and governmental regulations.

Has rich experience in construction site coordination.

High level of stress tolerance, communication, negotiation, presentation, persuasion and coordination skills.


Working place:GUANGZHOU

Position requirements:

Assist in implementing matters related with business development of the company.

Assist in the composition, compilation, record keeping and negotiation of business agreements and contracts.

Assist in communication and coordination with clients during project implementation, and keep track of the project progress.

Coordinate between different company departments and clients.

Complete other duties assigned by the management.

Position Requirement:

College certificate in marketing, business administration or international trade related majors or above with over one and a half year of customer service experience.

Skillful with Microsoft Office software.  Good at writing official documents and possess basic knowledge of English.

Good communication and reception abilities with clients.

High level of professionalism, dedication and ethics.

Honest, careful, precise, responsible, adoptive learning and zealous.

Responsive and good in communication.  Team work oriented.



Position requirements:

Responsible for video and photo shooting on job sites.

Responsible for video and photo shooting of display units, clubhouses, sales centers, and hotel projects;

Responsible for the post shooting editing, sorting and storage management of photos and videos;

Responsible for video and photo shooting of company related marketing and business activities;


Photography or liberal art professional with more than two years of architectural and/or interior space photo/video shooting experience;

Possess professional photographing techniques, understand relevant knowledge of photography such as composition and color. Experienced in fashion magazine and real estate photography;

Understand the application of difference lens, has basic design skills and space concepts;

4. Knowledgeable and skillful at using softwares such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, etc for editing;

Can independently complete photo shooting.  Highly responsible and creative. Possess good comprehension ability and team work spirit.

To be hired on a part-time basis.

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